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Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

Getting rid of unwanted hair is a common problem with many solutions. However, most people boil it down to two: waxing or shaving. The main difference being how long they last. And, let’s face it, the less we have to worry about unwanted hair the better, right? So, is waxing really better than shaving?

What is the Process of Waxing v. Shaving?

The process of waxing involves a warm mixture that is applied to the skin. Once that mixture cools, it is pulled off in a swift motion to remove the unwanted hair from that area.

When you get a professional waxing service, you are likely to encounter one of two types of wax: hard or soft.

Soft wax is usually made of resin, oils, and other additives. It requires the use of strips to remove. Once soft wax cools, the strip is placed on top and is quickly removed to remove hair against the grain.

Hard wax is a little different because it doesn’t require the use of strips. It’s usually made of beeswax, resin, and oils. Ashley Bee esthetics exclusively uses hard wax.

The benefits of hard wax are:

  • No Removal Strip

  • Better for Sensitive Skin

  • Less Painful

  • Less Irritation

  • Less Ingrown Hairs

  • Lower Application Temperatures

Shaving, on the other hand, requires a razor and maybe some shaving cream, if you prefer. Shaving can be done safely at home with the use of over-the-counter razors. When you shave, you are scraping the top layer of your skin to remove the hair.

How Often Can I Wax or Shave?

To receive maximum results, Ashley Bee suggests that you come to your wax appointment with around ¼-½ inches of hair growth. This means you’ll need to get waxed every three to four weeks.

Shaving can be done as frequently as you please. However, it is important to remember that the more you shave, the more likely a skin irritation will occur. If you have particularly sensitive skin, shave less often.

How to Prepare to Wax or Shave

Preparation for waxing and shaving are not very similar.

Before your waxing appointment, you will need to grow out your hair to ¼-½ inches. If it’s too long, you may consider trimming.

According to Healthline, the day before your waxing appointment, make sure you don’t exfoliate, tan, or dry out your skin with swimming. On the day of, you should avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol and wearing lotions or creams. To decrease pain, take over-the-counter pain medication 30 minutes before your appointment.

Before you shave, it’s recommended to exfoliate your skin, wet the area, and apply shaving cream.

How Long Does Either Process Last?

When hard wax is applied to the skin to remove hair, it is pulled from the root. This means the results of waxing will last you much longer, about 3-4 weeks.

The results of shaving, however, do not last nearly as long. Because a razor only removes the top layer of the hair, you’re likely to see regrowth with 3 days and up to one week.

So, Why Should I Wax Instead of Shave?

  1. You can’t cut yourself

Let’s talk about those sensitive areas, such as your bikini line and your underarms. Nothing hurts worse than nicking your skin while shaving! The process of waxing will never leave you will any skin abrasions.

  1. Results last much longer.

This one’s a biggie. Why shave every few days when you can wax every few weeks?

  1. Hair regrowth is thinner.

Many clients report that hair regrowth after waxing appears to be thinner and more sparse. Shaving usually results in the opposite, because you’re breaking the hair follicle at its thickest point.

  1. It may hurt at first, but after your first appointment, it will hurt less.

Don’t let the fear of pain stop you from getting your first wax! Not to mention, the hard wax I use at Ashley Bee Esthetics is guaranteed to be less painful than traditional, soft wax. I’m also prepared with pre and post-care products to ensure you are comfortable.

  1. A smoother finish.

Because waxing pulls the hair from its root, you won’t notice any stubble right away. But when you shave at home, you’re likely to notice stubble right away, especially if you are using a dull razor. And those razors are not cheap, either!

  1. Quicker showers.

Waxing once a month will save you at least 10 minutes of shower time for those that shave every day. Not to mention, standing in the shower and trying to reach every single area of hair growth is a nearly impossible task. You’re bound to miss a spot or two. Waxing never misses!

  1. A better solution for those with sensitive skin.

The hard wax I use is made from natural materials, making your skin feel soft and smooth afterward. You’re less likely to have any negative results, such as irritation or redness.

  1. Less likely to have ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are similar to having the worst pimple ever. Although this is a common result of shaving, it is less likely a result of using hard wax.

  1. Helps to exfoliate.

The process of using hard wax will also remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. Your skin will feel fresh and renewed after your appointment.

  1. A polished result.

Waxing can also give you the benefit of playing with different types of finishes, like in your intimate area for example,

A Final Word on the Matter

Overall, the choice between the two methods is yours. Some people may choose to put up with all of the laborious parts of shaving, to avoid paying for a wax. For others, the process of shaving often with less desirable results will bring them to get a wax appointment.

You can be sure that Ashley Bee Esthetics considers your safety and wellbeing an absolute priority. If you are concerned about the safety precautions at my salon, please read here.

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