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Are Henna Brows for Me?

The evolution of brow products over the last 10 years has been amazing. Head to Google and you will find a variety of temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent eyebrow treatments. With a variety of solutions, how do you know which is right for you?

Temporary brow products are the most affordable, and therefore the most coveted. But some of us need a break from trying to get the perfect arch shape every single day! (Raises hand)

The answer we need is Henna Brows!

What is Henna Brows?

Henna is made of a natural skin and hair dye used in parts of Africa and Asia. Perhaps you’ve seen henna tattoos before, as they are part of an Indian tradition of mehndi. And, recently, some genius realized it can be used in eyebrow tinting! It is now all the rage.

The process of tinting your eyebrows with henna gives a fuller look for thin brows. This is achieved by staining the skin beneath the brow hairs. Any sparseness is filled in, giving your arches looking more full and dimensional.

This can be a game-changer for anyone experiencing reduced hair growth from overplucking. As a natural darkener that is safe for sensitive skin, it can be used by virtually everyone.

Your Henna Brows Appointment

Ok, so let’s break down the process. First, arrive at your appointment with make-up free brows and clean skin. Second, please let us know of any over-the-counter or prescription topical products you are using. You may also benefit from exfoliating your skin the night before.

When you arrive, I will gently cleanse the area. After we discuss brow shaping, I will begin to apply the henna with a brush and use a swab to clean up the edges as we go. This process will take around 40 minutes.

Afterwards, limit sun exposure and avoid rubbing the area (no touching!). Skip the sauna and definitely don’t wash those brows, babe.

So, if you accidentally went pluck happy with your tweezers, fear no more! A Henna Brow by Ashley Bee Esthetics will give you the filled-in brow look of your dreams.

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