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LED Teeth Whitening.png

Teeth Whitening 

Express (20 Min)
Double (40 Min)
Triple (60 min)

Unlike UV Light our Teeth Whitening Process offers LED Light which omits a safer light that does not cause any radiation absorption through the oral tissues. We also use Hydrogen Peroxide which is proven to be the safest and fastest Teeth Whitening solution. Our LED Light is so advanced that it does not generate heat on your teeth but only concentrates the heat to raise the temperature of the Hydrogen Peroxide allowing for optimal teeth whitening.

Enjoy a photo-ready smile in less than an hour with our professional-grade treatment!

  • Safely removes stains caused by wine, coffee, and normal wear

  • Lightens teeth up to six shades but never more than their natural enamel

  • Uses FDA-approved 16% hydrogen peroxide solution; milder option available for sensitive teeth

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