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3rd Annual Laser BOGO Deal

Unfortunately, summer is coming to a close, but the good news is that fall is around the corner, and you guessed it laser season is BACK. The HIGHLY anticipated and infamous BOGO sale starts September 12th and ends September 30th. I offer this sale to my clients around this time every year because 1. We LOVE a great BOGO deal and 2. Fall and winter are the best seasons to start laser hair removal.

Here are the details: Purchase a package of 6 and receive a second package with the same or less value for FREE. 

Please note there are changes this year: I like to be transparent with my clients...If you're a returning client or familiar with the sale from past years, you will notice there are a few changes:

1. The biggest one is that I'm limiting the sale to up to 4 areas. This means you can purchase UP TO 2 packages and get 2 free if they are equal or less in value.

2. There are changes to the payment installment policy. I had a few people last year who never finished their laser sessions and never paid off the balance. This is a deeply discounted sale so I can no longer go by the honor system in hopes you will return to pay in person. With that being said, payment plans are still available with 0% interest but a working card must be on file. Historically, you would pay installments in person for your first 3 visits. Going forward, if you fail to come back after 6 weeks for any reason to pay in person your card will automatically be charged the next installment. A contract will be signed with all of these details so there is no confusion. 

4. THIS SALE ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 30TH SHARP. There are no exceptions. If you can not make it to the studio before September 30th please reach out to me. You can purchase a package in full or make your first payment installment over the phone or I can send you an invoice. I HIGHLY recommend clients who have not had a consultation with me to book one and purchase in person. I now offer virtual consultations via Facetime or Zoom so that is an option as well. Refunds for services that were never completed are allowed if you are not eligible for laser but there is a 3% fee on returns if you paid with a debit/credit card. If you pay via Venmo, Zelle, cashapp or cash you can avoid this fee.

3. There are still no refunds for services already completed and your package(s) expires after 12 months. There is an option to freeze your package if you are 1) pregnant 2) have a doctor's note stating you can longer receive laser treatments. 

4. You also might notice these prices are different from my current menu, that's because typically I sell packages of 6 but only charge for 5 (your 6th session being free) Instead I added a 10% discount on the individual services. The BOGO sale is deeply discounted as is, and unfortunately due to the ongoing recession and rising prices of products, goods, and services, I had no choice but to change a few details. I hope you understand and still take advantage of the deal<3

Also very exciting news, as of February 2023 I invested and upgraded my laser machine. I now use Cutera Xeo which is much more advanced and versatile than my previous laser. It treats every skin type and hair type (with the exception of blonde, white, and grey hair) I have had fantastic results with it and a very high success rate.

If you have any questions please feel free to text or call I'd be happy to answer all of them.

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